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What is blog commenting ?

This is very simple. By commenting in dofollow blogs will help increase your link popularity and also links from relevant content page.your backlinks will help your website to gain link popularity and with your keyword in anchor text of that link.

The more targeted backlinks a website has for a particular keyword the website get higher rank on that particular keyword.

I write quality blog comments on blogs. They are personally written by me. We have a list of nofollow blogs and when you give us a keyword then we take out the most relevant blogs from our database for commenting on your behalf.
Some Points for good Content Writing :

1. Before writing, ask yourself why visitors have come to your site. What do they want to know?
2. Grab visitors with headlines, but don’t try to be clever .
3. Keep it simple.
4. Keep it interesting and relevant .
Whats is Nofollow tag ?

Its a tag that tells search engine spiders to not count the link as referring link. the tag is usually found on blog comments link so that the commenters’ website will not get any weight from that link. All search engine recognize this tag.

Whats is dofollow blogs ?

Dofollow blogs are the blog that does not have nofollow tag in their link.

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