Hire an SEO Expert to Increase Your Organic Traffic

Hire an SEO Expert to Increase Your Organic Traffic

I design, develop and execute SEO campaigns to rank websites on the first page of Google.

SEO Consultant for B2B and SaaS Companies

Whether you have an in-house SEO team or are looking for an SEO expert or SEO consultant, I can help you accelerate growth with results-oriented SEO and content marketing strategies. I will work with you as an extension or addition to your team to optimize your on and off-site SEO, create SEO optimized landing pages and create a content calendar to help you drive targeted organic traffic, increase leads and grow revenue. I can help you:

 Improve keywords rankings and organic traffic

 Acquire new customers with SEO and content marketing

 Grow your sales and revenue

 Technical SEO and maintenance

After working with companies as an SEO consultant for over 8 years I created the SEO Growth Program that is designed to help B2B and SaaS companies to rank their websites on the first page of Google for highly competitive non-branded keywords. I have processes and systems I use for all my clients that deliver exceptional results every time and withstand all algorithm updates. Most of the companies that hire me as an SEO expert triple their organic traffic and on average see a 90% increase in leads generation and a 60% increase in sales Year Over Year.

Download the Program to learn how SEO expert can help you rank your website on the first page in 2020.

Today’s SEO isn’t about adding keywords to your content and building backlinks to your site with keyword reach anchor texts. It’s about being ranked on the first page of Google for the right keywords that will drive prospects to your sales funnel.

If you hire me as you SEO expert and SEO consultant, there are few key areas we will focus on to improve your ranking and traffic:

  1. Identify keywords that your prospect type in on search engines when they research and looking for B2B products and enterprise-grade services.
  2. Optimize on and off-site SEO and gradually improve ranking for the keywords so they appear on the first page in organic search results.
  3. Create a comprehensive content marketing strategy for your blog to capture and drive prospects to your site when they are looking for trends, best practices, checklists or running any relevant research for the industry during awareness and consideration stage.
  4. Create relevant contextual links on authoritative sites to support your ranking improvements.
  5. Improve conversion rates, optimize your landing pages, improve website loading speed and fix crawling errors so nothing prevents you from ranking on the first page.

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