How Much Should your Logo Design Cost?

How Much Should your Logo Design Cost?

A logo defines a business’s identity, helps in establishing as a brand in the eyes of the consumers & potential customers along with demystifying the services provided by the business. A logo is the first thing that people usually see that represents your business, so it’s supreme to have a unique & distinct quality logo for your organization. But before it is important for you to know how much it costs to get a quality logo that adds value to your business.

There are two ways by which you can get your logo created, either by hiring a professional designer or a logo design company so you can easily communicate with the interested people through your logo. Aforesaid, your logo represents your business so it is important for you to know whether you are getting the right logo for the money that you are paying, that is why it’s a better idea to have a top logo design firm by your side as their creativity, experience & expertise can be the factors to create an astonishing logo.

How Much Logo Design Cost?

One of the aspects that plays a vital role for designing a logo is the person that you have hired. Surely a freelancer can also create a logo for your business in low budget but without the access to some top costly softwares & their little experience should be considered before hiring a freelancer for a logo for your business. You surely do not want any mediocre logo representing your quality services. The cost of a logo design can be between hundreds to thousands of dollars, but if you are a startup or a small business then it must cost you between $250 to $1100.

There are any factors because of which the cost can vary like the huge part depends on the quality & who created the logo as mentioned above. So you have to look at your budget before hiring a logo design company in the USA or outsource it to a freelancer. Let us move towards tabular & easy description based on your needs.

Low Cost Logo that are Under $250

Logo Maker – One of the ways to get a logo for your business is to create a logo by yourself with the help of a logo generator. Surely, it is the cheapest option available in the market, but if you are a trained designer then you can surely use this option. Being the cheapest option, a logo generator uses some generic icons and limited font options. With this option there is high possibility that you will get a used logo or something that doesn’t fit with your business vision.

On searching in the market you can find many logo freelancers who are willing to create a logo for you under $250. It can be a great deal depending upon the tools used by the designer and their experience in the field of logo designing. So, you need to be very affirmative while hiring a freelancer too, because a perfect logo can take your business to new heights but a mediocre logo will not set in the eyes of people and that can cost you dearly.

Midrange: $300-$2500 

If you have a high budget for logo then it makes the perfect for your logo designing as there are high chances that you will get a pretty good logo design for your business. In this price range you can either hire a top quality freelance logo designer or hold a logo design contest. The prize money attracts some of the best logo designers.

Freelance Logo Designer 

An experienced logo designer can be really great for your business as you get an expert to customize your logo, who listens to every step. With this price range you can have the broad spectrum of cost & quality of work. We suggest viewing the portfolios & testimonials or talking to their previous clients about their logo designing can be really helpful for your business logo designing & creation. While choosing a freelance logo designer, you’ll want to consider how much they charge hourly & how much experience they have in the field.

If you have a high budget for your logo designing then you’ll surely get a designer which has a proven track record. They will also provide a detailed breakdown of what you get for your money. On the other hand if you have a budget around $250-$700 you will likely be working with a designer which has less experience, and is only a better option if you have a clear vision and lead the designer in creating what you exactly want from your logo. If you have time to spend with the designer back & forth then you should choose this option as it will be best for you and your business in saving some money.

Logo Contest

The best thing of having a logo contest is that you will get multiple new ideas from the global community of designers from all around the world. This will give you unique ideas for your company’s logos. You can interact with the designers & give them feedback about their designs in order to get a complete logo that will represent your business.

High End: $2000+

When you hire a logo design company, you will get a logo & exact the right thing for which you have paid and you wanted.

Logo Design Companies 

A professional logo design company is the best option to get your logo designed, & often includes a different package from which you can choose on. Design companies first conduct the market research & even look out for competitor analysis so that you can figure out which logo will stand out from the rest in the market. Top logo designing companies have top level creative teams that look out for the project from each end to come up with a logo that increases your sales by turning you into a brand.

But the biggest challenge is the budget as it can be costly to hire a logo design company in the USA. But you can outsource your logo designing from the top logo design companies in India and get it done in your budget.

What do I get for my Money?

Regardless whom you choose for your logo designing, it is important to know what exactly you will be getting for your money.

-> Your logo design must be in multiple formats like High Resolution, vector format for printing.

-> Web optimized format for website, social media & other digital needs.

-> Full legal copyright of the logo for ensuring that the logo is yours.

This is all about how much it cost to have a logo for your business.

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