Link Building Strategies 2022

Link Building Strategies 2022

Link Building Strategies 2022 Link building eases the way for search engine algorithm to index the webpages, so the search engine can solve query of the online searchers easily. The web-content that has more quality backlinks has a great chance to be spotted by the search engine. Moreover, it can bring more visitors to the website.

All the online marketers should keep in mind while building backlinks, they should focus on quality, not on quantity. Here, quality means the websites, and the web-content, where the anchor text are mentioned, should be superb in terms of quality and more importantly it should be relevant according to the subject.

In this blog, effective steps have been included to deploy effective link-building strategy, which will enable the website owners to secure a place among the top search engine results. Let’s have a glimpse below:

1. Identify Competitors & their Best Links


To stay ahead in the digital world, it is necessary to identify the position of competitors in the search engine results. In order to find the competitors’ place, just type the imperative query (associated with you website content) in the search bar. Suppose, you have a website that sells LED TV online, so you should use the term “buy LED TV online” in the search bar. After clicking the search tab, check those websites that are ranking ahead of your website. In this way,you can figure out the major competitors of your business in the result page.

Now, with the help of Link Assistant tool, try to find out the backlinks of competitors’ websites. This tool provides the list of top 30 backlinks along with different attributes, including Alex Rank, number of pages that have been indexed in the Google page, number of social shares, and domain age. In the end, prepare the list of backlinks and consider their details to find out whether they are suitable for your website content or not.

2. Find Out Whether Website is Penalized or Not


If it is found to be penalized by Google, then it is of no use. Indeed, it will cause your website to be penalized. But the question is how to find out that has been penalized by Google. There is a tool called Barracuda Panguin Tool. This allows the users to enter that and explore changes in the web traffic according to Google updates. If the web traffic of the webpage seems to be decreasing with Google updates, such links are the penalized.

3. Avail Link Building Opportunities


Now, your next step is to avail link building opportunities. Avoid sending the generic email template to all the backlinks’ websites in order to ask for the link. Instead of sending generic email, you should determine following things:

1. Are your competitors obtaining link by providing content to the websites?

2. Have your competitors created profile at the website community?

3. Are your competitors providing the unique content that helps the business grow?

4. Are your competitors offering informative data, like statistic, quote and content that is related to the business?

The above facts can help you avail link building opportunities effectively and minimize the chance of rejection by the website.

4. Scrutinize Competitors’ Link


Various aspect of competitors’ link should be scrutinized, such as

1. At which page, the competitors’ links are set?

2. What type of content the link incorporates?

3. In which section of the page, the links are placed?

All these aspects help you gain ideas on effective usage of the backlink’s website, so that you can see the effect of setting up backlink in minimum time.

5. Develop Content for Different Pages

At last create the valuable content for different types of webpages, like community profile, blog and directory. Here valuable content means that has the ability to entice the reader to click the link. It should not be irrelevant, so that the clients do not leave the link without clicking. Here, you need to make your content much better than the content posted by your competitors. In order to make the content better, you need to do thorough research and unearth various imperative facts including, statistics and other that you can include in your content.

Now, you have a list of backlinks’ and informative content. It is the time for you to avail the opportunities and share your content in order to get backlinks.


There are many local-SEO-companies in India that help you build links effectively with google-friendly approach. You can avail their services. Share your views via comment section given below regarding the best way to build link. We are waiting to hear from you.


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