Local SEO Jaipur Rajasthan India

Local SEO Jaipur Rajasthan India

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Local SEO is for businesses who primarily serve customers in their local area, whether that be their town, city or county, and so want their website to be found by people searching for keyword phrases that include their location. For example, ‘accountants Birmingham’ or ‘dentists in Yorkshire’.

If someone searches for a keyword phrase that Google classes as a localised one, then as well as displaying the standard search results and paid adverts, it also displays a list of local only results – typically 7 of them, which are listed from A to G. These local business listings in Google are valuable for a few reasons:

  • They’re normally located above the standard search results.
  • Your business’s address and phone number is displayed alongside them.
  • A direct link to your business’s location on a map is provided.
  • A direct link to reviews left by your customers is provided.

In addition to those reasons, local SEO should be considered as essential if you run a local business – accountants, salons, couriers, dentists, driving schools, gyms, photographers, recruitment agencies, restaurants, caterers, electricians, estate agents, garages, plumbers, solicitors, etc. – because:

  • More people search online for local services than look in offline directories, read classified ads or ask friends for recommendations.
  • The number of online searches that incorporate a location is in the hundreds of millions now and increases every year.
  • You can advertise to people in your local area whether they’re at home on their computer or out with their phone.
  • It’s the only way to advertise to someone in your area at the exact moment that they’re looking for a service like yours.
  • It’s the most targeted form of advertising. You’re only advertising to people who are specifically interested in your service.
  • There’s a high conversion rate for leads generated through local searches. It’s higher than searches for broad, un-localised searches.
  • Most people searching for a local service don’t scroll down past the the businesses displayed in Google’s local listings.

So, if your business operates mainly within a local area, rather than serving customers around the country, then a local SEO service is what’s required if you want to rank your website highly for relevant keywords, attract more targeted visitors to your website and increase the number of sales made through your website.

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