Magento Maintenance And Support

Magento Maintenance And Support

Once your site is up and live, the last thing you want is disruptions and downtime to impact your sales and your image.

We don’t want to leave our clients in the dark, so even once we’ve finished our job; we’ll be there to help with any issues you may occur with the day-to-day running of your site. Our services are there to ensure you avoid downtime, and update your site with ease.

We will also ensure that your Magento site is correctly patched, as we have a direct link with Magento which will tell us when yours needs updating. Support packages can be tailored within your budget to ensure we meet your requirements, and Magento issues and disruptions can be processed in a flash.

These are unique to the client. By taking out a support contract Envisage DIGITAL will ensure your system is updated, managed, monitored and looked after around the clock. We are committed to implementing any preventative and reactive measures which will tackle any website issue you face. This provides you with the comfort and assurance that we’re here to handle anything the site throws are you.

  • Priority response
  • Project management
  • 24/7 site monitoring
  • Out of office support
  • Telephone support

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