SEO Website Migration & Project Management

SEO Website Migration & Project Management

Changing your domain name or moving to a new website can be a stressful time, with so many different things to consider. Whether you’re in the process of building, planning or starting to think about it – regardless of everything else going on with designs and wire frames etc. – a poor website migration could cost you your existing website traffic, losing you sales and revenue.

One common misconception is that organic search ‘looks after itself’: this is unfortunately an untruth that some people only find out the hard way. I can’t count the number of calls and emails I’ve received from people who have launched a new website only to find that it isn’t performing anywhere near as well as the previous site – a shattering truth considering the investment that will have gone into it.

This is usually down to the site not being built in an SEO-friendly way (developers have different priorities to SEOs), or the technical migration of the site not being project-managed correctly.

Active, Not Reactive

Every website that I’ve been asked to work on retrospectively has had issues that could have been resolved during the building and staging phases of the migration, saving the client time and money. Not only the money now being spent to resolve the issues, but the lost revenue from organic search.

If done to best practice, a new website should lead to an increase in organic traffic, improved rankings in organic search, and increased revenue.

I’ve worked with clients in a variety of industries, migrating sites ranging in size from a few hundred pages to thousands – across multiple languages.

Technical SEO Website Migration

While every website and situation is different, the underlying aim is the same; to ensure that every conceivable step has been taken to eliminate the risk of suffering any adverse effects of a site migration in organic search.

This typically includes a thorough technical SEO audit of the new website, keyword research and bench-marking (before and after migration), and URL structure analysis.

Project Management

Working with your appointed developer(s), whether they are in-house or another agency, I can ensure that the new site follows SEO best practice.

Location and time differences aren’t a factor; I have worked with design & development agencies based in London designing a new website for a client based in New York. Using project and task management software such as JIRA, Trella, Asana, Basecamp and Trello, we can ensure that all concerns and issues raised are processed, feedback is given, and they are dealt with to a satisfactory outcome.

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