SEO York Specialist

SEO York Specialist

Looking for SEO in York? I’m a Yorkshire SEO specialist with 20+ years experience of search engine optimisation. SEO services are what I specialise in and I’m available on project based work and digital marketing campaigns, as well as on long term monthly fixed price contracts

Its likely that you did a search on Google or one of the other search engines for something like “seo york“, “seo company york” or “seo agency york” to find this page – you clicked on the top result and found me. That’s what Search Engine Optimisation is all about and, as a local SEO company, I can make that happen for your organisation too.

When SEO is performed in the correct manner it is a very cost-effective way to bring converting customers to your website. Unfortunately, SEO can be engineered incorrectly which results in poor performance in the search engine listings and possible penalties with Google. Its important to get it right first time. Consequently, its important to pick the correct SEO marketing partner.

I help small to medium businesses get their website ranking on the first page on Google and the other major search engines. This drives more qualified traffic to your website which convert to paying customers. This is where some York SEO consultants miss the point, all they focus on is ranking for a specific keyword term. I focus on driving sales for your business.

Therefore, if you’re interested in driving customers to your website then I’d like to work with you to build your business. I’ve been optimising web sites, writing content and building links for nearly twenty years and have a lot of experience in this field. So, if online SEO services in York are what you’re looking for and you don’t want to pay the expensive costs of a York SEO agency then why not get in touch for a free SEO consultation?

So how does SEO work?

I’ll be using Google as a main source of organic traffic; Over 80% of people in York and North Yorkshire will be using Google as their primary search engine, so this is typically the digital marketing strategy I base my SEO service on.

Google works predominantly on inbound links. Take the UK’s democratic voting system as an example. The more votes the local candidate in York receives, the more likely that they will become the new member of parliament for the area. Getting to the top of Google is a similar concept; the more links you have pointing to your website, the better your chances of achieving first page rankings. You also need to be voted in as a candidate in the first place (similar to your website being technically correct and found by Google) and you need to say the right things (have the correct content on your site).

There are over 200 ranking factors for SEO. Google’s algorithms are being updated on a frequent basis which makes keeping up with Google’s algorithms a full time job. Its important that you choose an experienced York SEO agency to keep your website ranking at the top of the search engine results pages.

The Best SEO York has to offer

I’ve been providing SEO consultancy in the York area for over 20 years now. My SEO services include:

  • Formulating an SEO strategy that will put you at the top of the search results for your key search terms.
  • On-page technical SEO audit to create a correctly structured website and boost your online presence by ranking highly on Google.
  • SEO copywriting to provide valuable content for the user and, more importantly, to attract visitors to your website via Google search using improved search engine rankings.
  • Developing organic 100% natural backlinks for the best quality high performance search engine optimisation.

Because I only have a small SEO team and have no business premises to pay for, my prices are affordable too.

Looking for SEO York has it covered

Sometimes its difficult for a York based digital marketing agency to provide an effective SEO specialism because its not their sole focus. They provide branding, PR, web design, web development, ecommerce, social media marketing and, possible as an afterthought, Search Engine Optimisation. However, they’re not an experienced SEO company so won’t cut it in these competitive times. I don’t do this. I focus on search engine optimisation only as I strongly believe in the benefits of SEO.


Apart from my York SEO agency fees, there is relatively little cost or work involved from your side. You don’t need to pay for online advertising or spend hours feeding social networks. As one of the UK’s top SEO consultants I ensure that your website is SEO ready, write relevant copy to get you noticed and then create backlinks to promote your business in your niche. All of this is tracked and visible to you to monitor.

OK, enough about my SEO agency York, What is it that makes the wonderful city of York so special?

All about York

York is an ancient walled city in the North of England close to Leeds and Hull, rich in ancient history dating back to Viking times. Renowned for its architecture, cobbled streets, Minster and wealth of visitor attractions, York is situated in North Yorkshire where the rivers Ouse and Foss join together. The city was founded by the Romans as Eboracum in 71 AD and, at the time, was the capital of England. The population of York is 210,000 and the city has been voted European Tourism City of the Year and the safest city in the world to visit.

York is the traditional county town of Yorkshire and is situated in the Vale of York, a green belt area. The economy of York is based on the service industry with many online marketing agencies and SEO York consultants in the city boundaries. Like most cities founded by the Romans, York is well served by long distance trunk roads including the A1, A64 and A19. The city has also been a major railway centre since the 1950’s.

Famous people from York include Vincent Cable, W. H. Auden, Judi Dench and Frankie Howerd.

Interesting facts about York

  • York is said to be the most haunted city in the whole of Europe with around 500 ghosts in the City Centre alone.
  • York Minster is the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe.
  • The National Railway Museum is the largest railway museum in the world.
  • York has a long history of chocolate making with Nestlé, Rowntrees and Terry’s all originating from the town.
  • York’s town walls are the longest and best preserved in the country.
  • York’s Shambles is the oldest shopping street in Europe.
  • The streets in York contain architecture from almost every main period in history.

Local search for York

If you have a business in York then you want to get it noticed. What better way than using York SEO services?

I provide a local York SEO service that is designed to for you to dominate your local competition in York on the first page of Google and the search engine results pages of the major search engines. I can run a local SEO agency York campaign or a national SEO campaign, and I will drive more customers to your website that will convert to transacting customers. My national SEO service covers the whole country and generates new leads, sales and customers for your business.

So why not choose me as your York SEO specialist and let me help you take your business to the next level?

I’ll increase your visitor traffic, convert more customers and increase your ROI but not your overhead.

What do you think?

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