SSL & Security

SSL & Security

An SSL certificate encrypts the information that is sent between a web server and a browser to protect it from interception. In order to get an SSL certificate on your website, it must be installed on your server by someone with technical experience. Once installed and configured, there will be a green padlock next to the browser’s address bar which provides a sense of trust and safety for your customers.

Without an SSL certificate, information is sent in plain text which can be easily intercepted and therefore private data, like credit card numbers and login credentials, are not protected.

Security procedures are constantly evolving as the technologies that hackers use are becoming more intelligent too. We make sure your website is protected to the highest level using a forever-learning Web Application Firewall that protects your website against hacks and attacks. We monitor all activity on your website and will act fast to block suspicious behaviors.

In the unlikely event that your website is compromised, we provide a full cleanup service to get your website back to full health in no time. That’s not all though, by reducing spam traffic and the benefit of an included content delivery network (CDN), you should notice a big improvement in site speed.

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