Systematic SEO Techniques to Get your Site Ranked

Systematic SEO Techniques to Get your Site Ranked

SEO is undoubtedly a powerful online marketing tool that helps businesses to improve their visibility across the web. However, for the maximum output, it is imperative to use it systematically and wisely to reach your target audience. 

Here are a few systematic SEO methods to improve a website’s visibility:

Analyse links

Whether you have an e-commerce store or a service-based website, it is important to check backlinks and determine their legitimacy.


  • Identify domains linking to your domain.
  • Analyse anchor text.
  • Measure social metrics.

Study Google Search Console

You can establish a strong presence on the web if your website is free from errors. To make your website error free, you need to study and analyse Google Search Console. It is a free tool that helps you to identify and fix technical issues.


  • Always add your website to Google Search Console.
  • Set preferred domain to prevent duplicity.
  • Study crawl rate.
  • Work on HTML suggestions.
  • Submit sitemaps, test & measure robots.txt files, as well as adjust sitelinks.

Include a Review Section

Customers always want to know how a particular product can fulfil their requirements.  Hence, you need to include a customer review section on your website to satisfy your customers.


  • Include testimonials as well as videos.
  • Use the name of your customers or businesses.

Tell Success Stories

If you want to grab visitor’s attention, you need to integrate case studies on your website. It is an effective and excellent way to show your skills, experience, expertise and innovative approach.


  • Describe everything (objectives, solutions, methodology, etc.) in detail.
  • Write case studies in a simple and conversational language.
  • Always follow a specific pattern.

Improve Presentation Style

According to a survey, if you present your product in an innovative style, people are likely to buy it.


  • Write better descriptions.
  • Use high quality and multiple product images.
  • Use clear navigation path.
  • Provide zoom in option.
  • Deliver unique customer service.

Optimise your Website

To improve traffic and ranks, optimise your website using the best SEO techniques.


  • Create keyword rich titles and descriptions.
  • Create fresh content for your customers.
  • Wisely use H1 tags, alt tags as well as sub headings.

Include a Blog

For better visibility, include a blog section on your site.


  • Display social sharing buttons.
  • Use plain language.
  • Create a responsive blog.
  • Select trendy topics.
  • Respond to comments.

So, use the above given systematic SEO techniques to get your website ranked.

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