What does a Freelance SEO Consultant do?

What does a Freelance SEO Consultant do?

A good UK freelance SEO Consultant will use best practice organic search engine optimisation tactics to take a website from a virtual unknown to a page one ranking on Google. Thus maximising your online presence.

Depending on your requirements, an SEO company will perform the following activities to rank your site on Google:

  • Firstly, analyse your company site with a technical SEO Audit to determine whether there are any issues with the site that will stop you ranking. The SEO audit is then reviewed with you so you can understand the changes required and how they relate to ranking factors.
  • Further analyse your competitors and their strategies to ensure that you remain one step ahead of them. This will also involve marketplace analysis, off page seo and other related SEO techniques.
  • Work with the business owner to review and produce content that reflects the keywords that you’re looking to rank for. Working in this manner ensures the correct keyword density is included in the content recommendations.
  • Use best practice methods and tips for link building to your site to boost its popularity and visibility on page one of Google and other search engines for your target audience.
  • Improve, monitor and track your local SEO and national search rankings and provide timely feedback and advice to you. Any good SEO consultancy services or SEO agency will provide this as it is in their interest to keep your search engine rankings at the top of the search engine results pages.

Note that there are many different types of SEO companies, so its important that you get in touch for more information from them if their SEO services are not fully detailed.

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