what is Best seo ?

what is Best SEO ?

When u heard about the term SEO. FOr the beginners there is always one question in mind i.e What is SEO ? . SEO is search engine optimization.Why u need Search engine optimization . SEo is a technique of optimize the webpages so that it will rank well in search engines. for that there is few things we have to keep in mind.

  • How do Search Engines Rank Sites?
    1. Search engines uses spiders to crawl the websites , documents and save in their database. while saving in their database it uses some rules to check if the data is new or still the same if same it does not update their index.

    so when a searcher query the search engine it uses some alogrithms to fetch and show data from their database.

  • Some points for good SEO rank.:1. before writing your content you should point your important keywords that you want your website in top positions.
    2. put that keywords in meta tags , title tags especially in title tags.
    3. Put that keywords in optimum frequency in your content . do no do overstuffing of keywords by putting one keywords 100 times it will count as spamming by spiders.
    4. Put keywords in anchor text of links in your site wherever possible.Do not use images for internal link structure.
    5. Constantly Update your website .These were the five steps that you keep your mind before launching your website .

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