What is Lead Generation?

What is Lead Generation?

Over the last decade, lead generation has changed considerably both online and offline. Gone are the days when cold calling, mass leaflet drops or even large scale radio and TV campaigns can be relied upon to generate the all-important inbound new business enquiries.

Customers now have a plethora of choices of suppliers and are fully conversant with searching, discovering, engaging with and contacting new suppliers – and they will do this on a device, channel and platform which suits them – at a time to suit them. This means that the lead generation process is more complex and multichannel than ever before and requires a holistic, strategic approach.

The lead generation process can essentially be broken down into sets of marketing activities that directly correspond with various stages of the user journey. This ranges from the initial research phase and spans through to the point where a sales enquiry is made via email, web form, phone call or visit.

It all starts with generating traffic (SEO, PPC and Social Media), engaging users with meaningful content (Content Marketing), converting them into leads and can assist in converting those leads into customers, dependent on the sales process in your organisation.

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