Why Local SEO Is Important For Your London Business

Why Local SEO Is Important For Your London Business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits every business in many ways and is an effective tool in modern digital marketing. One of its very important components is local SEOTechniques linked to local search engine optimization give both small and large businesses a chance of growing their business and attracting more consumers by improving their online ‘visibility’. Let’s get into the details to know how exactly it does this!

What Is Local SEO?

Before moving on to why local SEO is important for your business in London, we need to have a clear understanding of what this branch of SEO is.

Local SEO aims at improving your London business’ visibility on ‘location-based’ search engine results. It does this by making it possible for users at a certain locality to find your business (located in the same area) online easily. This type of marketing is considered to be one of the most effective ways one can market their local business’ goods & services over the Internet.

Local SEO involves local search queries; searches that include ‘local content’. These are queries that contain geo qualifiers (city, zip code, state, etcetera) or ‘near me’ filters, which give Google & other search engines indications that the searcher is looking for business lists or suggestions relevant to their own location. These bots are getting increasingly clever in detecting local content and presenting searchers with relevant & useful local SERPS (search engine result pages).

For example, a searcher at Hampton, searching for ‘ice cream parlors near me’ or even ‘highly rated ice cream parlors’, would be presented with numerous ice cream parlors, operating in that locality, to choose from.  The way the search content is phrased and the availability of a searcher’s location are the two main factors that ‘localize’ a search and give your local SEO business a chance of being found readily.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Long gone are those times when people used thick phone books and skimmed through them to find contact numbers and addresses of local businesses. In today’s digital world, people just simply turn to the central hub- the Internet- and find everything they need to know about a certain local business online. Let’s first take a look at some statistics which further support the use of local SEO for your London business before discussing its importance.

  • 96 percent of ‘all’ PC users make local searches.
  • 46 percent of ‘all’ Google search queries are local.
  • 50 percent of ‘all’ local smartphone users make local searches.
  • 78 percent of ‘all’ smartphone searches lead to offline purchases.

Higher Chances of Conversion

Local SEO strategies are the MOST effective when it comes to traditional local marketing. One of these is the use of local directories which are known to dominate the first few pages of numerous search query results. Such directories display all of your local business’ information that will help consumers in finding it. This conventional marketing option has a conversion rate of up to 50 percent, which means that out of every two leads you make, thank to your local SEO, one turns into your customer.

Local SEO Can Help In Targeting Potential Customers Timely

Out of all the local searches that are made over the Internet, one group of people know which company or business they’re looking for. The other group, however, searches for suggestions and lists to choose from and do not have a certain business in their minds before beginning the search.

By using local SEO strategies effectively and smartly, you can certainly position yourself better and allow your local London to be ‘found’ when your potential customers look up for businesses like yours.

Use of Mobile Internet Is Ever-Rising

In this modern era, majority of your target market has access to the Internet, a PC and most importantly, a smartphone. Smart mobile phones and other gadgets are taking over desktop use for customers on the-go. More & more potential customers can be found using mobile phones to find local businesses.

Local SEO comprehensively covers both aspects of local searches in terms of internet access- PC and mobile phones- which doesn’t let your business miss a potential customer.

Great ROI (Return on Investment)

Unlike other conventional local advertising options (such as leaflets, direct mail, newspapers, magazines, etcetera), using local SEO results in little to no wasted exposure. This is so because your local business is found by potential customers only when they need your goods, services or information about your business. This makes this method highly cost-effective & efficient.

Many Local SEO ‘Opportunities’ Are Free

Claiming your listing on ‘Google My Business’ and other numerous online business directories does not cost you a single penny. Hence, local SEO benefits your business in the form of free internet promotion.

Many Businesses Still Haven’t Claimed a Spot on ‘Google My Business’

This is an online directory that helps your business in existing over the Internet by listing it. Being a part of this list can help your local business in ranking high on Google’s local search results (this is extremely important as a hefty percentage of people make use of Google while seeking query results).

Moreover, now is the time for you to tap into this opportunity because still half of the businesses in London haven’t done so. Getting there before your competitors is always key in staying ahead. Be wise and take a go at it now!

Online Reviews & Recommendations

As the digital age progresses, more and more customers trust online reviews when deciding on approaching a business. This is because online reviews (these are displayed under your business’ name on most SERPS) are known to be personal and true. Reviews can have a major impact on your local business’ reputation and conversion rates.

The Local 3-Pack

When it comes to local search results, claiming a spot on Google’s local 3-pack is your target as a local business operating in London. The local 3-pack is a short list of three of the top-ranked businesses relevant to the search, which is displayed in front of customers when they make an online search.

Gaining a spot here can greatly increase your local business’ chances of attracting huge amounts of traffic because almost 50 percent of the searchers click through on members of the local 3-pack.

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