WordPress Vs Magento ? Which is Better for Ecommerce Website

WordPress Vs Magento ? Which is Better for Ecommerce Website


WordPress Vs Magneto is the normal comparison which comes in user mind while comparing both to develop their ecommerce website. Both are equally good and it depends on specific requirement and budget of the user. Both WordPress and Magento are open source and have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this blog we have tried to compare WordPress Vs Magento and bring out the relative similarities and differences between both. Hope you will love enjoying reading this article by Web Development India on WordPress vs Magento.

What is WordPress ? as compared to Magento

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and an open source blogging platform that provides template customization and an easy to embed plug-in architecture. Its very user friendly platform, due to huge range of plug-ins and templates and excellent features over 60 million websites are run on WordPress in fact there are some websites i.e. eBay, which owns Magneto , but they use WordPress for their blogs.

What is Magento ? and how its different from WordPress

Magento is an E-commerce platform with numerous E-commerce features i.e. high level of customization and functionality, Security, helps to create the complex content pages, version control and menus as well. The mentioned features are excellent and that renders merchants with the flexibility to set up online stores as pertheir business needs, and also providing the amusing features i.e. mobile commerce marketing, SEO (Search engine optimization), multi-store management, report generation and other dynamic management tools. Magento has been trusted by certain world’s prominent brands, ranging from small businesses to big MNC’s.

Similarities between WordPress Vs Magento

• WordPress and Magento are SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, Customizable with strong support community.
• WordPress and Magento platforms architecture are similar.
• They both are CMS (content management system) that allows you to add,modify, delete and manage the content in the most simplified and effective way possible.
• They both are available for free.
• They both wordpress & magento platforms offer an interesting themes and completely wonderful customization for an E-Commerce website.

Difference between WordPress Vs Magento

• WordPress is content oriented CMS and Magento being devoted entirely to E-Commerce.
• WordPress is fundamentally driven through PHP scripting where Magento is generally object oriented.
• When we talk about development, Magento may look complicated to learn due to the terminology and applications differences. However, Magento could be easier if we figure out the similarities between WordPress & Magento platforms.
• The all files are largely contained within the same folder in WordPress but have a unique naming convention. But Magento files are set up across a multiple files and folders that share the same name.

The Parameter to choose between WordPress Vs Magento

1. Determination: if you are going to plan for developing a website for providing the news updates and contents or you just want to sell few stuffs then absolutely WordPress can work in a better manner but If you are planning to sell multiple products through E-shop, then you should go to Magento because Its functionalities & features are aimed at building a website for selling the several products online.
2. Security: WordPress Integrates the third-party plugins that make the website unreliable and less secure which is not at all acceptable when we are selling any product. Magento is more reliable & secure as magento comes built-in with payment gateway options that enable user to add payment gateway option and other interfaces as well.
3. E-Commerce Plugins: WordPress is always known for providing the multiple plugin & E-commerce third-party plug-ins that help to integrate the customers E-store into the WordPress theme but if we talk about Magento it doesn’t need plugins for implanting e-commerce functions & features on the website because it’s developed mainly for offering E-Commerce solutions.
4. Development: WordPress is user friendly platform and WordPress is much easier than Magento platform. Whereas it’s hard to work with Magento as it’s larger and is broken into a lot deeper parts in comparison to the WordPress, due to more complexity, you require the magento expertise of a professional which can be pretty expensive.

Why Choose Web Development India for WordPress and Magemto Development??

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WordPress Vs Magento both are an excellent platforms and have their own different purposes. So before picking any e-commerce platform you have to understand the requirement of your website and its future prospects.
It’s pretty obvious that Magento is the more efficient and recommended alternative to WordPress when it comes to selling products online, but it is far more complex and requires the expertise of a professional to develop it. you don’t have an enormous budget and don’t need the special features of Magento, then using WordPress with WooCommerce is probably a good choice.When you hire PHP developer, experts in web development, you can be assured that their work will impress your clients at all times. Hire WordPress Developer from India at affordable cost with more than 5 years of experience. As WordPress continues to evolve, we can expect a better solution for large businesses and easier to use management tool. WordPress will continue to provide a reliable content management system while Magento remains the ultimate choice for selling products online. If you understand that a quality, fully-feature-implemented e-Commerce website makes the deal or provides you with a successful business, then Magento – as the most featured platform – is your best shot, with WordPress as an alternative.

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