Custom Ecommerce Programming Development Solution

Custom Ecommerce Programming Development Solution

Ecommerce : Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, and the transfer of funds via the Web.

Are you interested in expand your online business and needs a custom ecommerce solution?
Lets us design a complete ecommerce system for you that allows your customers to order online and you to accept credit cards or paypal to receive payments online .

Our custom ecommerce solutions :
1) Credit card processing system
2) Custom Shopping cart system
3) Downloadable items Like software, files, eBooks, etc.
4) Real estate System
5) Online Customer Management
6) Web based Tracking Systems
And many more…
Building an E-commerce Site points for consideration :
1) Good suppliers that will supply you products.
2) A detailed price comparison of your products you want to sell online
3) Good Customer service : They define, in a big way, your relationship with your customer.
Are you ecommerce ready ?.
1) Products : Your products are suitable for online selling.
2) How to implement in current website if any.
3) Will you be able to fulfill orders in time and according to specifications.
4) you need any additional manpower to handle your operations.
5) Is your present staff computer efficient.
6) How you acept payment through internet.
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Summary of Some of my SEO services

1.Directory submission : Your Website will be Manually Submitted to the directories. This is done to prevent the website being submitted to the wrong category.
2. Article writing and Submission : Freelance article writing (experienced in various themes/topics). You just send the topic, I will take care of the rest. A final Copy of the article will be approved by you before the articles submission process.
3. Link building : Link building is a good way to improve your page rank and positioning in the search engines

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