Existing SEO Campaign Audits & Appraisals

Existing SEO Campaign Audits & Appraisals

All too often SEO agencies work in silence, and while it’s not always possible to produce an itemised receipt of activity, a good SEO campaign is transparent and accountable.

I’ve taken on clients before who have been with a single SEO agency for a number of years beforehand but they haven’t seen any real progress and have become dissatisfied and moved on. Only to find that when I’ve done a full technical SEO audit of the site, very little SEO work had in fact been done, the backlink profile was full of spam and directory links, and there were some serious onsite content duplication issues.

This is frustrating to see as it gives SEO as a practice and agencies a negative image. After taking on a number of clients who have previously had poor SEO work done for them, I decided to take an unpopular stance and offer SEO campaign audits as a service to businesses to make sure that they are getting value from their current SEO provider.

Good SEO Campaigns

The three main failings I’ve come across from some SEO agencies are:

  • They’ve just not been doing anything at all
  • They’ve not been doing anything worth doing or anything that will help organic search performance
  • Or worse, they’ve been doing activities that could land the site with an algorithmic penalty or manual action

The honest truth is that Google hasn’t made SEO harder, it has made it so that the end user benefits the most. Some agencies are still employing search engine optimisation tactics that worked in 2010, some of which are now questionable, and some, you could argue, are negligent.

SEO Proposal Audits

Maybe you don’t currently have an ongoing campaign but you’ve been inundated with proposals, and aside from cost, you’re not entirely sure with which one to go with.

I’m here to offer you impartial advice and ensure that you choose the proposal that’s right for you and your business, cutting through the jargon and bullshit.

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