Local SEO

Local SEO

There are many obvious reasons for this and it is especially notable for businesses within the retail or food industry for example – where customers may want results returned of restaurants or shops they can easily contact, visit or maybe receive a delivery from?

Google and all other search engines are always striving to be as convenient for the user as possible – and for the reason that a large proportion of them are particularly interested in Local search results (be that a town, city, region or even country), they are displaying local search results wherever applicable.

It seems as Google continuously tweak, amend and add to their complex search algorithms they are placing more and more weight on Google Local listings.

Whatever type of business you are, at TBS Marketing we believe it is important to incorporate Local SEO were possible within an SEO campaign.

Local SEO listings allows you to create more detailed information about your business including pictures, ratings, reviews, contact details, directions how to reach it and if done properly will drive extra attention to your listing. Extra attention means more potential sells and brand awareness. Local SEO will help drive highly targeted traffic to your website – and the kind of traffic that converts!

It is also a great tool for enabling you to gather invaluable information and feedback on what many of your customers feel about your business, products or services. From analysing feedback from ratings and reviews you can see what customers like/don’t like, what is working and what is not, what areas your customers are coming from, suggestions of improvements that can be made – the opportunities and possibilities are endless!

A dedicated account manager at TBS will consult directly with you on how we will optimise your Local SEO results as part of your SEO package to boost local traffic, increase brand awareness and credibility and drive up your sales!

We will continuously analyse, feedback and discuss your results with our regular progress reports and are confident that you will be delighted with the results.

If you would like to find out more and discuss our services or the opportunity of working with us, please feel free to Contact Us today and one of our experts will be happy to take the call.

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