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Major Mistakes to avoid at time of doing SEO

Major Mistakes to Avoid at Time of Doing SEO. It is a well-defined process which supports improving website position when your website will appear in “organic” search results which are returned by search engine sites like Google. If you are making an effort to get the SEO done on your own then we will suggest you to avoid following mistakes or avail services of a trained SEO Expert.

1) Making use of Wrong Keywords: Common mistake while doing SEO is choosing keywords by neglecting the demand of requirement of search engines. It’s important you know the words which potential customers will use to search rather than defining the product in your own words. Primary keyword needs to be used in page URL, page title, lead heading, and the first paragraph

2) Neglecting Relevant ContentNothing can be disappointing for a company if they are using poor content on their website. If you are using heavy keywords stuffed content with many grammatical mistakes then you are doing something which is against the requirements of search rankings. Consumers are in search of websites which are having relevant content perfectly SEO optimized and written in a user-friendly manner and free from grammar error that can be found easily.

3) Copy paste content: If you are planning to copy some good content from competitor site or from any other online source to use on your website? If yes, then you are making a mistake as this is illegal and Google can go for making your company penalized for such actions. If you are getting your content prepared by outsourced writers then make sure you go to Plagiarizing check. If you hire an SEO company for content they will ensure they use plagiarism free content only.

There are 3 major mistakes which are done by companies when they do not hire reputed SEO agencyfor getting SEO done.

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