PPC Campaign Management Service

I provide following :

1. Pricing in your budget
2. Serving to both small and mid-size businesses
3. Website analysis to understand your website’s PPC requirements
4. Extensive Keyword research
5. Selection of Optimal keywords
6. Campaign Reports
7. Good service
Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPCA) :

1) Pay-Per-Click Advertising makes use of high traffic to guarantee you maximum exposure.
2) Pay-Per-Click Advertising allows you to meet your potential clients halfway.
3) Pay-Per-Click Advertising maximises your advertising spending.
Daily Millions of people use Google and Yahoo to search for information everyday, research something they are interested in, or purchase something. As of March 2007, approximately 1,114,274,426 people worldwide use the Internet, according to Internet World Stats.
Pay-Per-Click Advertising Advertising evolved from the way people use search engines to offer you online advertising for any ‘keyword phrase’ that is related to your business.When people conduct searches on the internet, they first get on a search engine site like Google, MSN, or Yahoo to name a few, then they key in a ‘keyword phrase’ of what they are looking for.
With PPC advertising you decide exactly who sees your advertisement by selecting the most relevant keywords, thus maxmising on your advertising spending.

4) PPCA allows you to calculate REAL advertising cost and ACCURATE conversion rate

5) PPCA is advertising at a PROMINENT spot

PPC advertising allows you the means to accurately calculate the real cost and value of advertising – it is a quantifiable method that also records accurate conversion rates.

PPC advertising you can also track the individual results of each keyword phrase, which means keywords producing the best results and those producing no results are easily identified.

Then, by stopping advertising on non-performing keywords and increasing advertising on performing keywords, you will gain maximum return on investment. When somebody conducts a search on Google (or Yahoo) there are two types of search results: the free listings, in the centre of the page, and the sponsored links, on the right hand side of the page (and sometimes above the free listings). With PPC advertising, you ad is displayed in the sponsored links section of the results .

6) The cost effectiveness of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

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