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Real Estate

Tre Ver 99-year leasehold is the new condo development, which is located by UOL Group Limited near Pottong Passir MRT Station. The developer is from the previous Rentri Garden, which privatizes the HDD property, which includes 175 units.

Tre Ver is the third mass sale to succeed after Shunfu Villa as well as Harbor View Garden. It has been estimated that each owner will be estimated to be $ 1.9 million per unit with a market value of $ 1.1 million for each unit.

In addition to the location near the many facilities, the tray ware is also set up by the established educational institutions. For example, the tray ware is located in St. Andrew’s junior college (SAGC), secondary school in St. Andrew’s and Cedar Girls’ secondary school. For owners looking for international schools, Stamford American International School is also located a few minutes away.

Apart from this, many commercial developments located near the former tavernry garden, such as Woodleigh MRT Station, are located in the market square next to The Poise’s Centre, where the entire chain of commercial shops, as well as retail outlets there are available for residents to choose from. Tre Ver Kondo United Overseas Ltd represents the ULO Group as well as one of the rare enblocs located at the edge of the city by the joint industrial corporation UIC by the city.

What do we do for our customers?

All the time, negotiate the best deal for them ~ We will stand with them through good and bad times of transactions ~ Use the most current tools available to their advantage ~ Please understand what is important to them. They consider the smallest expansion ~ Become your trusted source for real estate in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

The Tre Ver provides important information that affects our customer’s current real estate market. In this continuously changing industry, it is important that you have the right brokerage and agent who can benefit you in your real estate transaction.

Our customers leave our offices with full knowledge about credit requirements and qualifications, bank qualifications and qualifications and all documentation requirements which help us to make our transaction process smooth and free of worry.

Our goal

We strive to give them all back service, empowerment, influence, influence and all those who wander through our doors. We provide exemplary quality service to domestic buyers and sellers with special emphasis on educating, equipped and providing all necessary tools and services to our customers to achieve their real estate goals.

The Tre Ver is not just any real estate office. We focus on providing quality customer service to our customers, who buy a sales process through the whole house, and take time to evaluate our special circumstances to our customers. Working closely with our buyers and sellers, we develop work plans to help achieve our goals.

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