SEO Trends to Look Out For in 2017 by best SEO expert in India

SEO Trends to Look Out For in 2017 by best SEO expert in India

Technology always plays an important role be it any industry. The world of SEOs is also caught in the surge as businesses use any and every tool at their disposal to gain the maximum market share and fight their way through the competition. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the lifeline of every business as oxygen to a human being. The arena of SEO keeps on changing like a maze- the search patterns, keywords, and the algorithms are always shifting their places, so one cannot claim to be the master of SEO, the learning is a never ending process here.

With this article, we would like to shed some light on the trends that may be observed by the SEO expert Today Infotech

Mobile-First will be given priority

As an SEO you will agree that mobile optimization is already given a lot of importance at present. To fuel this move, Google’s announcement that mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches made it clear that mobile search is ascending. Google has announced its mobile-first index and thus, mobile websites content will be indexed first. This will increase the need to make mobile friendly websites with engaging content for mobile versions.

Voice Searches

It’s the future; it lets you do the task without depending on any physical attributes as you just need to give a voice command. In 2017, the people behind the success of voice search will be eager to make more progress in this field, to push it more from simple pattern of recognition to more understanding. We have already witnessed massive improvements in Google Now, Siri and Cortana. The Google assistant that has been inbuilt into Pixel by Google is one such example of the immense growth this segment will encounter. With the development of this, more and more people are expected to use voice search. So, it will be important to understand the phrases people use for voice searches as they are indeed not the way we make a search with typing.

If Content is the King, Video Content will be the Emperor

Of late it has been observed that video content is on the rise now, Google has been doing various experiments with video ads. So, you can say 2017 will see the growth in this segment too. Though you should not force videos into your content, little experiment with video content is surely advisable.

Let’s talk about the many You Tubers who are giving many bright business minds a run for their money, fun fact they don’t even sell products. Though written content is also doing great, we should not underrate the power of video content which is the future of the industry. Start with webinars, step-by-step tutorials, Q&As and some more to see the results by your own.

User Experience Will Always Matter

Google has also diverted the SEO expert community’s attention to UEO (User Experience Optimization). The expectations of an average user have gone beyond navigation and load time. Also, today the success of your website depends on low bounce rate and high average time spent on the page by the user.

Here, structured data plays a pivotal role. What it basically does is gives a rich context of the website, making it easier to understand and helping the websites get better SERP rankings.


The incessant flux of Google algorithm changes and various updates are enough to give a whiplash to any SEO expert. So, as we go further in the entrepreneurial journey, the task of the SEO becomes challenging for the year 2017 as the experts need to watch out for the aforementioned SEO trends.

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