Things to Check to Decide Whether you Need to Change the SEO Agency

Things to check to decide whether you need to change the SEO agency

Things to Check to Decide Whether you Need to Change the SEO Agency  the case that you are not getting the expected traffic and visibility for your website which was promised by your SEO expert? Are you feeling depressed and doubting if you need to take a call to change the SEO company which is working for you. We will suggest making the below checks before you actually make the change.

  1. Progression Reports: Are you getting both biweekly and monthly progress reports and growth reports? You ever check the monthly strategy adjustment?
  2. Reports of Website Audits: Is the SEO agency delivering quarterly website audit report having a competitive analysis?
  3. Social Signals: Is the SEO agency offering advanced plans for making improvement in social signals? If that is the case then you are surely missing some valuable marketing opportunities.
  4. Links vs. Rankings: Are they making natural links which is important for the business? Is it the case when you ask for the same they give you standard answer that it’s not important as your ranking is getting improved. If that is the case then be assured the site will get hit at a time of algorithm updates.
  5. Keyword Research: Is there any update on the keyword research report on a quarterly basis? Do you know, Google is no more providing keywords, and SEO agency needs to develop a strategy using agile keyword research in order to succeed?
  6. Coordination for Marketing Plan: Have you checked if the marketing plan is getting reviewed or not? If not then how will you expand to grow in order to ensure that proper coordination is there or not?
  7. Rankings of Keyword: Are you keeping an eye on the performance of the major pages of your site? Give a check to notice if there is an improvement in traffic and if the result is not impressive even after 6 months of SEO services then you need to think seriously.
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