Top 15 SEO Audit Tools to Perform Website SEO Audit in 2023

Top 15 SEO Audit Tools to Perform Website SEO Audit in 2023

Search Engine Optimization has now become the trend for business professionals, Top 15 SEO Audit Tools to Perform Website SEO Audit in 2023 who want to accelerate the business on the internet. In current scenario, we all have witnessed that the internet technology has affected the lifestyle of the people. At present, numerous of the people are connected with the internet on various pretexts. Hence, business enterprises have also deployed their websites and various SEO tactics in attracting the customers from all over the world.

Best SEO Audit Tools

  • Website Analysis Tools

Website analysis is the most important part of any websites that can help in improve website ranking and traffic. Here are some best website analysis tools:

1. BetterGraph Website Analyzer

The most trusted website analysis tool to check SEO related issues in website. Its free Website Analysis tool examining different elements of a web page like Search Engine Ranking, Alexa, alt tag Website Speed etc.

2. Woorank Website Review


Woorank Website review is a leading competitive research service for online marketing. It help search marketers make better decisions about online marketing.

  • Content Tool

Content is the powerful marketing entity that can help the business to attract the customers. The search engine crawler relies on the content to bridge the gap between online users and the business. Hence, developing the seamless content with powerful quality will work the best in favor of business as well as the online users. Let’s have a look at the some of effective content tool that can help SEO for superb marketing.

3. Convert Word Document Into HTML

This software aids SEO professional in instantly converting any of the content on Microsoft or any other writer software in the HTML format.

4. Copyscape

This content tool helps in checking the plagiarism. This is the powerful tool that can help SEO in publishing the unique content.

5. Google Xpath

The “Google Xpath” aids in peeling out, editing and evaluating XPath queries at ease.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly provides effective Grammar check, instant proofreading, and plagiarism detection. In short, it improves the content.

  • Keyword Research Tool

Keyword is key element of the content as well as the website that can help the search crawler in bringing the website at good height on “Search Engine Page”.

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