Top Search Engine Ranking Factors?

Title Tag :

Keywords in title of page is most important in seo ranking

Anchor text of external links :
external links are the links that are pointing to your website from other websites. the anchor also plays a very important role in seo ranking.

Page Rank
page rank is the rank that google gives to each and every webpage on the web. its given by how many links pointing to your website.

Age of Site:
how old is your website the older the site more points will be given to your site .

Keywords In body text :
is the keyword exist in your body text relating to your title tags. .

Keywords Density :
whats the density of keywords in your webpage.

Web Page last updated :
whats the frequency of updates your webpage have.

Keywords in Domain Name :
keywords in your domain name. .

Fresh Content :
is the content of you webpage is duplicate or a fresh written content .

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